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The Journey of love

School wasn’t boring save for the long distances I had to walk to and from for the most sought after knowledge. Over the years, I had made a few friend here and there during my walks and in school. It … Continue reading

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Eating out in Lamu

One of my greatest weakness is good food. Presentation? Well, that doesn’t matter much as long as the restaurant is clean and the food is delicious. Well, no one in their right mind would want to eat food that isn’t … Continue reading

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Falling in Love over again – My Lamu Adventures

Everyday I walked to school and sat through GHC lessons but never in my wildest dreams did it ever cross my mind that one day I would be able to touch the waters of this big blue ocean. Don’t roll … Continue reading

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Through the eyes of my father

As the sun slowly spread its wings and the village came to life, there was a tense mood hovering over Ambaya’s homestead. The people of Mungoma went about their daily chores with the young men rushing off to till the … Continue reading

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In the footsteps of my father

Late one afternoon of January, 1934, as the sun took a rest from its daily routines, in a small vibrant village of Kitulu in Vihiga county, beautiful Rebeca started experiencing some contractions. With the help of a midwife, she delivered … Continue reading

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How to Make Soft Layered Pumpkin Chapati

Ingredients Pumpkin slice well cooked 3 cups all purpose flour Cooking oil Instructions Boil the pumpkin until its tender and can be mashed using your hands. Mix into the flour –it will be a bit crumbly but not to worry. … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence: 5 Reasons why Women Stay on for so Long

When you talk about domestic violence, the first thing that comes to most peoples minds is one being beaten to a pulp by their bitter half. However, in most cases there are several things that happen before one ends up … Continue reading

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