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The Apostrophe – Top Ten Apostrophe Mistakes

An apostrophe is a punctuation mark ( ‘ ) that is usually used to mark possessives and omissions of pronouns and nouns. Although a little mark, a lot of people have difficulties in using it and end up making grammatical … Continue reading

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Tips to improve your grammar

At least each one of us has made one or more of these mistakes when sending out a text to a friend or even writing that important report. It might not be a big deal when you realize it but … Continue reading

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Freelancing Your Way To A Freer Life!!

Freelancing is a dream opportunity for many: what with the flexible hours, good pay rates and the ability to plan your day as you choose without being bossed around. But freelancing also comes with its own tough challenges. When you … Continue reading

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Labor Day Celebrations – Pay Increase Is It Possible?

As we celebrate Labor day today almost all newspapers and news channels have their headlines reading increased pay. As the celebrations proceed most workers are looking forward to having their head of state or the labor minister announce a way … Continue reading

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Putting the Internet to Maximum Use

They say give a man fish and you’ll have fed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime. Continue reading

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Fired from your job? Count it as good luck!

Remember when a window closes there is an open door waiting for you to go through it. You only need to search and find that door! And everything happens for a good reason Continue reading

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Part Time Jobs for All!!

When you talk about part time jobs the first thing that comes to mind is working from the comfort of your house. This is partly true but the truth is you can do part time work in different locations. There … Continue reading

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