The 5 P’s of an Ideal Man

Most women from a tender age fantasize about their wedding day. From a flower girl to a bridesmaid she always has this picture in her head what her marriage life should/would be like. What her ideal man should be and most dream of marrying a tall, dark, handsome with a six pack and probably some millions if not billions in the bank to give her  a life of a queen. But if you are a Christian you may want to look at the ideal man a bit differently. Here are a few tips I got from a friend that I thought would make a good read and maybe help form a better guideline when settling for Mr. Right. I’m not saying it’s the gospel truth that you must follow but it won’t hurt to read.

  1. Provider. Everyone woman deserves a man who provides for her financially(food, clothing, shelter), emotionally(be there for her when she needs someone to talk to and lean on in her time of need), spiritually(read and share the word together. Even the good book says a man who does not provide for his family is worse than a non believer and above all give her your unconditional love. To be an ideal man strive to work hard enough to be able to provide for your family their basic needs.
  2. Protector. Being a protector doesn’t necessarily mean punching the lights out of someone who insults your wife. It means protecting her from bad companions by making sure she keeps company of the wise and not fools, protecting her from false doctrine by taking time to read and teach her the right doctrine and lastly protecting her from what she is not supposed to carry by being the provider.
  3. Promoter. Be there for her and help boost her self esteem and her self worth. Give her credit for the little things she does, compliment her whenever you can, take pride in her and remind her she can excel in whatever she sets out to do.
  4. Priest. Biblicaly a priest went before God on behalf of his people. Priest’s led the worship, intercessory and acted as leaders. As a man you need to seek wisdom to be in a position to prepare and lead your family in worshiping God, be able to intercede on their behalf and be a leader of the household. You need to know what your wife and children are going through and if they are struggling with anything and when you pray in the morning and evening take their petitions before God and ask Him to bless and keep them.
  5. Prophet. A prophet’s work was to communicate what he heard from God, disciple the ones God had placed under him and also correct and discipline whenever necessary. You need to be able to set aside time in the day be it morning after lunch or evening to teach your family the gospel. Don’t leave the teaching to the pastor for he only get’s an hour a week while you get 167 hours.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing… BUT did she find the best?

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One Response to The 5 P’s of an Ideal Man

  1. Wow. Simple, but true. Was doing self-reflection while I read! Nice piece

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