Tips for Living a Longer Healthier Life

As the they say to die is part of the human cycle but to be born is a miracle that no one can guarantee.

Everyone cherishes good health and happier moments on planet earth. But with the rise in technology and GMO foods gracing our stores somehow we humans are not living a healthy lifestyle like our great grandparents lived. However, even in these hectic days you can choose to live a more healthy lifestyle and not just go with the crowd. Here are some great tips that might be of help:

1. Be born in Japan or Monaco; unfortunately not all of us can be born in these places which boasts of a life expectancy of above 84 years. However we can learn a few helpful tips from them. The Okinawans of Japan rely most on a low fat diet of tofu and fish, believe in eating up to 80% full and tend to avoid including the word retirement in their vocabulary. Well we all can’t eat tofu and fish but if we stick to a healthy diet, eat less–our metabolism has less work to do which in turn helps to reduce long term stress on our body– and keep ourselves busy we could add a few more years to our life.

2. Live like a woman.  Over time we’ve been made to believe women are the weaker sex but if you look keenly women are more stronger than men. The girl child develops a bit faster than her boy agemate and because of this a woman is less likely to take some of the risks that a man would involve himself in. Anywho one of the things men can copy from women that can help them live longer is being more social. I thank heavens I’m a woman so this gives me a ticket to be emotional and share my problems with friends whereas men tend to play their cards closer to the chest thus keeping the stress to themselves which might result into depression. So dear men share away don’t just drink it up on your own as they say a problem shared is half solved.

3. Sleep an extra one or two hours. We live in a 24 hour economy where the competition is so tough sometimes you have to be literally on your toes every other minute so you don’t loose clients. But hold on a second and ask yourself is all the money in the world worth it if you end up hospitalized? Are you delivering quality or quantity? Lack of quality sleep can lead  to depression or some heart condition. Whatever you do, make sure you get enough quality sleep  at night and a couple minutes nap during the day.

4. Make your diet colorful by eating more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and antioxidants which help to boost the immune system and fight premature ageing.

After all is said and done always remember life is like a flower it will either bloom or wither depending on how you take care of it so love yourself deeply for with love in your heart all else is like honey.

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