How to Prepare Sweet yet Affordable Delicacies for your Family

With the current economic crunch and prices of basic commodities sky rocketing like they being chased from the ground, everyone needs to reevaluate on their spending plan. Most people especially in the sub Sahara earn and survive on less than a dollar a day. This is pretty difficult considering the kinda prices you come across when you visit the nearby supermarket. A dollar cannot buy you two kilograms of unga or even a kilogram of sugar and these are just some of the basic commodities that one need in their day to day survival. Couple this with school fees and other necessities for the family its quite pinchy for those with large families to cater for with no stable means of survival.  All is not lost though all we need is to go back to doing some of the things we do the way our fore mothers used to do them and some of these burdens would be lifted of our shoulders.

A good example is preparing certain meals which are super yet affordable delicacies. Banana’s or matoke as known in some communities have been there, are here and will be there to stay for ages to come. These if prepared nicely can be served with various other dishes like rice or chapatti for lunch or supper or even prepared differently to be served along side tea for breakfast. Preparing these for breakfast or even an evening meal is pretty easy and doesn’t require spices or enormous  work. All you need is a bunch of raw bananas with a couple of ripe ones and you are good to go. Boil the raw bananas with a little salt to taste until they are well cooked add the ripe ones and cook for a couple of minutes. Drain out the excess water and stir with a wooden spoon/stick (mwiko)/mash it up until it is well mixed and looks like mashed potatoes or like ugali. Serve it with tea for breakfast or with stew for lunch or supper and you can be sure of a happy smiling, healthy and well fed family.

A serving of this kind will ensure you are of good health because of the different health benefits of bananas which includes lowering high blood pressure, inhibiting the replication of the HIV virus, preventing kidney cancer among others. Also the vitamin the B6 that is found in bananas acts as an anti-inflamatory agent that helps keep off cardiovascular disease, the type II diabetes, as well as obesity. Vitamin B6 also contributes to the maintenance of the lymphoid glands that ensure the production of healthy white blood cells which protects your body from infection. And finally, the vitamin B6 found in bananas plays a pivotal part in cell formation and proper nervous system function, making one banana a day a healthy and delicious choice.

Instead of buying that expensive apple go for a banana. Remember a banana a day keeps the doctor away!

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