The Do’s and Don’ts During the Cold weather

Looks we are experiencing some sought of winter here in Kenya its way too chilly for some of us though it aint as tough as the kinda weather other countries do experience during the winter season. Things are always tough during this season but if you prepare well in advance you’ll have nothing to worry about when the cold comes knocking on your doorstep.

This weather always comes with its own trends. And one of the trend which I believe should be avoided and be a no go zone is hooking up. I don’t want to sound mean but I can’t remember anyone dying because s/he was single during the cold weather. Reason am branding it as a no go zone is the likelihood of breaking up when the cold is over is very high. Coz for one majority [at least 90%] of the cold weather hookups are for convenience purposes “keeping the cold at bay”. So chances of you being dumped are pretty high well the cold is over I have no use for you in my life so why should I keep you around?

So unless you are prepared to have a broken heart after three or months of being used its safe to stay single. Remember winter is only cold for those with no warm memories. Keep that in mind always and that way when the weather is done being pathetic you wont be nursing any heartbreaks your heart will be safe and sound and your life as sweet as ever.

The do’s for the cold weather are very simple buy warm clothes in advance and if you’ve got the cash invest in warm jackets, gloves and a couple of duvets and heavy blankets to keep you warm. Always dress warmly and leave nothing to chance coz hospital ceilings aint the sweetest thing you wanna be watching for a couple of weeks on end.

And just a by the way for ladies avoid dressing in skimpy clothes to attract men during the cold weather. One thing you can be sure of is they look at you and pity you for trying three hard to impress them. Remember if you were unable to attract that handsome wallet loaded guy during the hot/warm weather season I doubt you’ll succeed during the cold weather either unless of course he’s looking for a hit n run kinda thing.

Build a man a fire and he’ll be warm for the night. Set a man on fire and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.


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