Labor Day Celebrations – Pay Increase Is It Possible?

As we celebrate Labor day today almost all newspapers and news channels have their headlines reading increased pay. As the celebrations proceed most workers are looking forward to having their head of state or the labor minister announce a way to convince employers to increase their salary. Whether this is going to take place and be effective enough is a wait and see. With the recession having plagued the entire world its a bit tricky for such measures to be implemented. For us to see an increase in the pay check its really going to take moving mountains to see that happen which is close to impossible. I’m not trying to be unfair but we have to face realty, being able to enjoy both worlds as an employer and employee at the same time I know where the shoe pinches most.

Most companies operate using either fuel (diesel/petrol) or electricity and the prices for the two commodities have hit the highest mark in the past couple of months making it almost impossible to do business. Profits have been on the downward trend and this makes it close to salary negotiationimpossible to increase employees salaries. Right now its practically impossible to survive on the meagre salary that most people earn but then you cant blame it on your employer, blame it on the government. If the government was to lower the tax levy on fuel it will be cheaper to do business which will translate to increased profits and increased wage. So, before you point an accusing finger towards your employer, try and put yourself in his shoes, try and do the calculations of what he has to incur to do business after which maybe just maybe then you can point the finger, but if not keep your cool and be contented with what you are earning. The reason I’m saying this is because if the employers are pushed to the limit they might opt to reduce the workforce and increase pay. So ask yourself would you as an individual prefer to do a job that is meant to be done by like three people and have an increased wage at the cost of your health or continue with the way things are at the moment?

I know times are hard but you can always look for other ways to supplement your salary, remember it has never been wise to carry all your eggs in one basket coz chances of it falling and them breaking is very high. Look for a part time job or save and start a small business to supplement your income, this way you will never have strained finances. So instead of making noise that your employer aint increasing your salary use that energy to think of other ways to invest your time and resources to earn a living.

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