Facebook Shut-down – How Does it affect you as an individual?

The rumor of Facebook shutting down on March 15th, 2011 did a lot of rounds last Sunday and received mixed reactions from different groups. While teenagers were angered by the facts, their parents were more than glad with the news and am pretty sure they’re praying hard for it to come to pass.  Most people complain that the website is addictive and time wasting. This has some truth in it but the advantages are more than disadvantages. Facebook has helped us reconnect with our old friends, make new friends, sell our products, fall in love and even get married.

But lets face it if the site was to go down everyone if not all of us will be affected. The most affected will be marketers who greatly rely on the site to get leads. Graduates might also not have a chance of learning of new job openings from their friends/colleagues. So before you celebrate that your teen daughter or son will spend more time doing reasonable stuff, think about your business that might suffer a big loss and your friends that you won’t be able to be in touch with.

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2 Responses to Facebook Shut-down – How Does it affect you as an individual?

  1. silvia williams says:

    Hi i am not a face book fan because someone is terrozing my whole family on this face book. how can we go about making this stop! in the need for help!

    • melloniegm says:

      what do you mean by someone is terrorizing your family using facebook would you mind juz sharing a lil bit on what exactly is going on…maybe from there we can try to find a solution

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