Putting the Internet to Maximum Use

Most of you spend close to 8 to 10 hours online surfing. Whatever you surf is nobody’s business of course but yours. But have you ever thought of turning the idle surfing or should I say facebooking into a money making scheme? I know most of you love being conservative believing the internet is only for checking emails, searching for info and maybe in the developed countries shopping online. But this has been changing over the years, but its sad to note that most people are yet to embrace it. As much as we would love to brag that we are modernized and have embraced technology we’ve only made baby steps and have long ways to go about this issue. They say give a man fish and you’ll have fed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime. Looking at this I must say governments are really trying hard on their part. A good example is the Kenyan government they’ve tried to introduce the fiber optic, and I sure must commend the mobile phone service providers who in this case happen to play a major role in providing internet services to their consumers. Their rates are quite commendable which enables most Kenyans to access the internet. But the sad thing is people aint putting the services to maximum use.

I know most of you right now are raising their eyebrows and wondering what I mean by putting the internet to maximum use. Did you know that you can offer your services and skills online and earn money, and by this I mean work online and earn a living? Most of you might be the doubting Thomas but this is something that has been tried and proven and it works. Yes there are many individuals out there who have a lot on their hands that they can’t handle and would prefer to outsource it coz it’s cheaper for them and helps avoid lots of extra costs. Some of these tasks include data entry, research, transcription work and even marketing through social networks like facebook, myspace and twitter. So if you know you have good typing speed and good eye for research you can get yourself a well paying part time job.

I have a couple of friends through working online have been able to build homes for themselves, buy cars and even put up businesses. So yes it’s true, workable and can earn you a living. This though has a long way to go especially in the African region coz unfortunately we don’t have the pleasure of using PayPal which is a must have in the developed countries to transact business online. But some good news to Kenyans I read on someone’s blog that Equity Bank is working on something and maybe early next year we might be up and running. But this should not discourage you coz there are other ways of getting your hard earned cash like wire transfer.

So next time you’re checking your emails or facebooking take time to think of how you can utilize that internet to make yourself some moolah! Remember in this day and age no one will spoon feed you, you’ve got to get yourself out there and hustle it out.

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