So You’ve Graduated, What Next?

So you’ve finished college or just graduated from one of the best universities in the world. You’re out in the harsh world trying to make a decent living out of the education you got. It doesn’t matter whether you attended the best or the good colleges once you’re out all of you are on the same level playing field of job searching. You’ve got to have your wits with you to make it in this environment. Whether you’ve got a masters or just a college degree everyone wants to make it in life and live a comfy life; that is sure everyone’s dream. When you are a kid you always dream of living that life that you read in the fairy tales. But now that you are grown up you find it’s not as easy as the books claimed it to be, you’ve got to work hard to attain anything meaningful in life. You have to put to good use what God gave you and that is your natural brain that you were born with.

It doesn’t really matter which course you undertook when you’re out here its survival for the fittest especially if you’re living in the Sub-Saharan Africa where life is pretty tough. When looking for that so called cute job what should be your first focus? Is it the salary? Or the benefits? Or a long term kind of job where chances are you’ll be promoted and an increase in salary offered? It’s so sad to note that most of only look at the salary and benefits that comes with the job and fail to note whether it’s a three months contract or a long term job. And with this you’ll always be on the road searching for another job after every three months.

If you’re this kind of person maybe you should stop and think of the type of jobs you should focus on. The contemporary sorts of jobs are surely not for you; the 8 to 5 job in an office dressed in a suit is not the kind of job you’re looking for. Look for a job you can work in different places for different individuals at the same time. But this could be tricky especially if you live in Sub-Saharan Africa coz most employers want loyal staff who’ll come in and work a whole day whether idle or busy they should be present in the office. Unlike the US or other developed countries where you can work four different jobs in a day and live a comfy life. But don’t despair all is not lost just coz you were born and brought up in Africa. There are so many ways you can work and earn a living for different individuals and be good to go. One way is setting up a business, its not easy but also you don’t need a million to set up a biz you can start with the little you’ve got as long as you’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit in you. Another cute way of earning a comfy living is through outsourcing of your hard earned skills. It sure pays well as long as you know what you are doing, you’re focused and deliver quality work.

All in all always remember no one was born unlucky all you need to do is bring out that potential in you and that doesn’t mean working in a big company.

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2 Responses to So You’ve Graduated, What Next?

  1. Gavin says:

    Great article – real life advice
    I have been following your blog for a while and really like what you have to say!

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