Fired from your job? Count it as good luck!

You’ve just been kicked out of your normal routine of work. You’ve been working for this company for the past four or five years and one morning just out of the blues your boss tells you you’re fired; just like that no warnings or anything. This is a situation most of us can relate to might have happened to you, a close friend or relative. In this day and age there is nothing close to job security unlike in the previous years when you had a white collar job or working for a blue-chip company you were confident of not being fired just out of the blues. Just recently I was talking to a lady who was a MD of a big software company in the US and was fired just like that no good reasons given whatsoever.

Being fired or should I say being forced out of a situation by circumstances beyond your control should not make you loose hope. Remember when a window closes there is an open door waiting for you to go through it. You only need to search and find that door! And everything happens for a good reason, you might not realize it immediately but with time you’ll look back and smile at what you thought was bad luck at the time.

Being fired can be a good thing in disguise. You’re out of your cute job, you need to revisit your budget and make a number of adjustments because the cash flow has changed. With all this in mind I know its hard to focus, but then again you have lots of time for yourself. Instead of wasting this moment moving up and down take time to reflect on what your real passion in life is, what is it that you have always loved, enjoyed and wished could be your career path? You might be a doctor by profession but your passion doesn’t lie there, maybe you are better of at delivering quality speeches to crowds. Now this is the time to think of doing what you love most. There is nothing more rewarding than doing something you enjoy and love. The money might not be much but the joy you get from it is pretty enough to keep you moving. Write down what it is that you really want and if you’ve got the money get some help from a professional coach to guide you on the right path and I’m sure you’ll never regret the day you were fired in fact you’ll thank your boss for firing you!

Always remember being fired is not the end of everything but the beginning of many good things to come! Have yourself a lovely week!

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2 Responses to Fired from your job? Count it as good luck!

  1. Fired?? Do not feel bad, or sad. If it part of life. Think positively, take brake, look where you perform mistake. Try to avoid it next time. It’s true that it is not end of life or anything; much more opportunities are yet to come.

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