Job hunting is it a seduction or search for true love?

Job hunting can be a tedious task and many end up losing hope on the way. Lets try and put it into a lighter perspective; I know it aint easy to find a job nowadays leave alone a good one at that. But that doesn’t mean you cant have fun searching for a job.

Before going out there to search for something to keep yourself busy in the name of making money, you should put all your wits together. One thing you should put in mind is you don’t need to have a phd to qualify for a cute job; all you need is to use what God gave you to the best of your ability. If you are good at writing look for a job as a part time journalist or better still look for students who need their thesis done and do it for them and get paid for your hard work. Lesson one never go into an industry that you know nothing about and expect to flourish within a month. There is nothing like easy money, you gotta work hard to make a decent salary. Lesson number two; don’t do something because your pal is doing it and he’s good at it/he’s been successful at it.

When you want to go job hunting look at it as dating. When you are looking for a date what qualities do you want your partner to have? That same applies to a job. When out looking for a job you must make up your mind whether you are looking for a fling or a long term relationship. With this in mind you’ll be able to do a better job at job hunting coz you have your priorities set; you wont settle for one time thing when what you are interested in is a long term relationship that can lead to marriage (think in terms of promotion). Don’t look for a job where you are seduced for a day or a week and fired, look for true love that will last and culminate into good tidings.

Look at a job the way you look at a man or woman when you are trying to seduce them; you know what exactly do you want from this person? Ask yourself that and have a fab time job hunting. Just remember its like looking for a date.

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